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4th of November 2019 - A new articles is added!

A new article is added today. Read 6 tips about How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids.


28th of October 2019 - A new articles is added!

A new article is added today. Read all about our 7 tips to prevent heart disease!


27th of October 2019 - A new articles is added!

A new article is added today. Read all about stopping hair loss and support hair growth!


26th of October 2019 - 2 new articles are added!

5 new articles were getting expected after the last round of voting. Two of them are already online. Read all about Acne and Kidney Health now on www.youfeelbetternow.com !


15th of October 2019 - Added to our Blog: Speak with a spark.

11 tips to give a great speech. Learn how to speak in public.


7th of October 2019 - Added to our Blog: Prevent Stress Tricks

Read about tricks to prevent stress when a stressful event is coming up.


23th of September 2019 - Blog section is open now!

With small facts related to our articles, we want to serve you with quick reads. The first two blog posts are online now!


26th of August 2019 - Again we've added 2 new articles!

The other two of the four new articles have been added: How to Overcome the Fear of Flying and How to Overcome Your Driving Anxiety. Thank you for mailing to us with your desired subjects. Have a great read!


25th of August 2019 - We've added 2 new articles!

Two of the four new articles have been added: How to get a good night sleep and How hormone imbalance affects your health. The other two will be put online the coming days.


16th of August 2019 - We will add 4 new articles soon.

The 4 new articles that will be online soon: How to get a good night sleep. Hormone imbalance affects your health. Overcome your driving anxiety. Overcome fear of flying.


20th of July 2019 - We've added a new shirt/hoodie to our shop.

We have added a new shirt/hoodie in our shop. For only 15 dollars you can be owner of a funny shirt with text saying you don't like text on clothes!


21th of June 2019 - We've added a new article

We have added a new article in the Psychology and Relationships section about how to stay motivated living a healthy life. With also 2 great products that will help you reach your goals faster.



16th of June 2019 - Making our debut on Pinterest!

We have now created boards on Pinterest. Learn about Health & Body and Psychology and Relationships, look at clothes with sayings/quotes and get ready to make money online to make your life a bit easier. Click on the Pinterest button at the bottom bar.

12th of June 2019 - First YouTube video is now online!

We have published our first YouTube video to let more people know about our site. Watch the video on the home page or click on the YouTube logo on the bottom bar to visit our channel.



31th of May 2019 - New articles are online!

We have published 5 new articles that were the favorites after receiving votes on Twitter and a couple of e-mails. The new articles are:

20th of May 2019 - Ready to get new articles online!

We are ready to get some new articles online and we will always listen to our visitors. Send your desired subjects for new articles to us on Twitter or Facebook. This can be done until 22nd of May.On the 23rd and 24th of May we will use a poll on Facebook and Twitter to decide which 5 articles will be placed on our site.

8th of May 2019 - YouFeelBetterNow.com is online!

Hi everybody, we are online and ready to grow. We want our visitors to have a really important role on our site. We will ask you on our facebookpage which subject you would like to see written about. You decide our content! As you may have noticed, we are currently showing a youtube video on our homepage. In the near future we will show one of our own videos. Those videos need to be made first, so until then we have chosen to thank Wix.com for giving us the tools to create our site. If you have any questions: Use the contact page or send us a message using Twitter or Facebook.