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Learn to Speak in Public

To be successful in every situation, confidence stands as an essential key, and it becomes incredibly convincing when it comes to an individual’s professional life. One of the areas in which confidence is necessary is public speaking. However, a large number of people are scared of public speaking (including experienced professionals). In the event that you find yourself among them, don’t be too much concerned. What you need to inculcate is a little bit of preparation and practice. With this, you can overcome your fears and learn to deliver a persuasive and interesting speech.


Below are 5 tips to becoming a confident public speaker.


1. Be in possession of a positive attitude.

You need a positive attitude before you can get your message across efficiently. Although it seems complicated for you to feel nervous, it's not as hard as it sounds. The most important thing is to know your goal and communicate to yourself that you can do it. Take for instance; if your goal is to present a new strategy to the whole company, it's important to remind yourself that you must have the knowledge and skills for high-quality speech as this is vital for success. This will help build your self-confidence and stay positive as you approach the presentation.


2. Imagine a positive result.

If you've ever heard that athletes are preparing for great games, visualizing their success, there's a good reason for it: it works! The best way to apply this tactic to public speaking is to imagine speaking yourself. Imagine yourself as a self-confident and giving out a speech that you feel confident about. Then focus on the part of your visualization that gives you the greatest success. Is it prepared and informed about the material? Or is it the way the audience deals with your speech, smiling and nodding in the right places. Either way, focus on this feeling of success, and you're continually repeating visualization until you make sure that the right speech is equally good.








3. Have a better knowledge of what you want to communicate.

In addition to creating a climate of confidence, having a good knowledge of what you want to communicate is a key element of successful public speaking. To do this, the best solution is to compile a list of 2-3 points that you consider to be the critical points of your speech. Next, write your speech with these remarks in mind and practice several times to make sure you mark these points as effectively as possible.


4. Empty your mind

After you have prepared your speech and visualized a positive result, the next step is to clean the mind immediately before speaking. There are several ways to do this, but the most effective is to practice deep breathing. It works best if it's done right before the speech. Spend a few minutes of breathing and slowly go out and focus on your breathing. This will help your mind to get rid of every remaining anxiety and ensure that your body and mind relax while preparing for the beginning of the speech.


5. Connect with the audience.

Apart from being calm and ready, one of the keys to a successful speech is to connect with the audience. To do this, the best solution is regular eye contact during speech and asks questions designed to attract listeners.

Public speaking is an excellent skill in any professional context and is especially impressive for new graduates who have just established themselves in their careers. By following these tips and increasing your self-confidence, you can become a reliable speaker and impress the present and future employers.

If you want to learn more about speaking in public, you could learn from a 'Public Speaking Master':

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