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Law of Attraction: Happiness and Success Coming Your Way

The Law of Attraction could best be explained as anything you focus on will be attracted from the universe; such as attracting happiness. This is an indication that anything that is dominant in your thoughts, actions, feelings, and even sometimes in your subconscious, is what will definitely be attracted to your life. This seems to be glaring and easy, and the rule is just "be happy" as this attracts more happiness.

However, as we all know, to be happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year is not as easy as it sounds. There are some life intruding factors such as stress disruption; pressure attributed to work and family; even some times the weather can be depressing. The question remains, how you can increase the amount of happiness in your life?


Regrettably, the law of attraction is not something you have the remote which you can control such as a machine to get what you are looking for in the universe. To hit the "Success" button and get a dream job is not as easy as you think, or press the "Happiness" button and experience greater cheer and joy. However, you can do the following things to help the universe help you find more of what you are looking for.


Surround yourself with happiness and positivity. Although the Law of Attraction is not a tool that can be used to create or gain something – not even happiness – what it does is to offers you the ability to attract happiness with your thoughts and emotions. In the event that you work in tandem with "law," this can give you an opportunity to build a happier emotional state by generating and attracting more happy experiences. In essence, what this law says is that if your goal is attracting happiness ensures that those surrounding you are happy people and endowed with positive behaviors. Doing this will make you happier which will attract more happy people and lastly, it will make you happy;











5 Tips on how to attract happiness into you life.

If you have decided to invite happiness I to your life, make sure that you are grateful for what you have and enjoy life to the fullest. By doing this, you will send positive vibes out and attract even more things you are grateful for will be attracted to you.


1. Always have the belief that you can achieve the goals you have set. In the event that you have a doubting mind towards this, the universe sees it as if you are not ready and you will not achieve your goal. However, if you believe in yourself, you are much more aware of the opportunities that the universe will offer you to approach your goal.


2. Remain focused on what you want precisely against what you do not want. The rule is crystal clear as what your mind focuses on is what you will attract, sequel to this, and focus on the positive want.


3. Be consistent in your thoughts and positivity. This is not a quick fix as it cannot be done overnight. It is a state of mind that you are practicing for a lifetime.


4. Be open-minded. There are some times when opportunities come without even thinking about it; however, they are only there to get you closer to your goal. Let your mind be open to this as new opportunities because your happiness can come from unexpected places.


5. Follow your intuition. Your gut is more often right than not. You should imbibe the habit of listening to learn from it.

In other words, it is great to keep this at the back of your mind; happiness cannot be attracted with sadness, sorrow, worry, fear or anger. If you are always unhappy, dissatisfied or negative, you will have trouble finding people who want to be around you. On the other hand, happy people are the joy to have around- others look for them.

Ipso facto, prepare to attract happiness, every day and consciously, and be careful at every moment to your goal - to provide a happy life for you and your family.

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