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How to Treat Acne

The acne is common in young people and need to be taken care of daily so as not to aggravate the problem. See our acne treatment tips.


Acne is popularly known as pimple. Generally, 85% of people between 10 and 24 years old affect with acne.


The main cause is the adaptation of the skin to the gigantic amount of hormones. Normally, it happens in the bodies of young people of this age group. There are many tips to make your face skin healthy and alleviate this problem. Here are some tips for treating acne.


Due to the change in teenage hormones, there happen many changes in body. The first thing that happens is the increase of skin oiliness. It gives people that shiny look. Acne begins when this oil mixes with dead cells and clogs the pores.


The main cause of acne has deep relationship with hormones. In addition, there are a lot of other factors that greatly influence the appearance of acne.


High stress levels and a high carbohydrate and sugar diet can make the situation worse.


How to get acne treatment

Mothers and grandparents always said it wasn't about poking at the face and squeezing the pimple. And this tip they always gave is more than right.


Doing so may cause an increase in the inflammatory process. It is already starting to occur as soon as the accumulated fat oxidizes.


There are a lot of options when it comes to acne treatment. Since, there are skin conditions that need medication. Therefore, even with the tips, it is recommended to seek medical attention with a dermatologist or use the product mentioned at the bottom of this article.



6 great acne treatments are:

1. Soap acne treatment

2. Exfoliating acne treatment

3. Acne treatment with sunscreen

4. Acne treatment with moisturizer

5. Decrease intake of dairy, dairy products and refined sugar

6. Carefully take care of your gut flora


1. Soap acne treatment

One way to treat acne is with soap. An anti-acne facial soap will cleanse the face well. In addition, it will also reduce the amount of greasiness so that the pimples will shrink.


Since, body soaps are not indicated for this type of cleansing. Therefore, anti-acne soap has the correct ph (acidity level) to use on the face.


Another important point is that this will not treat acne itself. But it helps a lot in skin care to prevent and soften the appearance of pimples.


2. Exfoliating acne treatment

You may have wondered how to remove blackheads and pimples without the squeezing motion.


The ideal tip for this acne treatment is to use an exfoliator. It will remove all these impurities from your face.


To do this type of treatment, the ideal is to wash the face first, using warm water. This will open the pores. This way, when using your exfoliator, blackheads and acne's will be removed more easily.


3. Acne treatment with sunscreen

In a lot of cases, too much sun exposure can increase the proliferation of acne.


Since, excessive sun exposure increases the oils of the face, which can cause more pimples. Therefore, those who suffer from this disease must always take care of themselves.


Ideally, do not expose yourself to the sun. But, as this is almost impossible, the recommendation is to apply sunscreen.


Sunbathe before 10am and after 4pm. In addition, the protector helps to prevent acne a little. It also fights aging and protects you from other diseases caused by excessive ultraviolet rays.


4. Acne treatment with moisturizer

Since, oily skin does not mean that it is well hydrated. Even though a lot of people do not believe it, moisturizer can help with acne treatment.


Therefore, it is also necessary to go through this care. It will bring a little more balance to the face.


Another point is that some acne treatments that are deeper. For example, use of medications can leave the skin very dry. For this reason, it is necessary to moisturize the face. It will even improve the appearance that a lot of remedies cause.


5. Decrease intake of dairy products and refined sugar

There are many natural methods to treat acne. They produce incredible results in treating acne (as well as excessive skin oils).


Dairy products, their derivatives (cheese, butters, etc.) and refined sugar are foods with high inflammatory potential. They should be avoided by people with acne skin.


It is not necessary to eliminate these items from the menu. You just need a reduction in their consumption. It will bring results, such as attenuation of inflammation of some points.


The opposite is also valid. Since, Anti-inflammatory foods raise body temperature. It is not cool for the skin under these conditions. Therefore, anti-inflammatory foods are very welcome in the diet of people with acne skin in moderation.


They are: ginger, garlic, cranberries and red cabbage, among others.


6.Carefully take care of your gut flora

What happens in our gut is directly linked with what happens in our skin.


As well as the excretory system, the skin has the function of removing toxins through the pores.


Therefore, whenever your digestive system, especially the excretory, is not functioning satisfactorily. Your skin will feel the effects.


Eat foods that are friendly to a healthy intestinal flora. These are dark green leaves, carrots, guava, acerola, bananas, cod, olive oil, sweet potatoes, squash and turmeric.

Getting rid of acne and stopping it return will be easy with this wonderful product:

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