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How to Stay Motivated Living a Healthy Life

It is that time again. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to lose weight and / or train to get that tight muscular body, attempt number 8 is approaching. Summer is coming again and you have already seen people walking with the body that you want. For a week you will be enjoying drinking water, exercising intensively and eating salads and low-calorie products. In the weekend you have earned a nice meal and French fries with mayonnaise have never been so tasty. After the weekend you have had a busy day and you are late from work. The healthy meal (for which you spend a considerable amount of time preparing it) will be left for what it is. You simply order something at the local grill room. A day later you have already forgotten your healthy pattern and the scales do not show you cheerful news. How can you get out of your pattern so quickly, while you have thought so often how much you really want to do something about your eating habits and sport-poor life?










The important thing is that you always tell yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Make sure you are confronted with the sources of inspiration that made you want to pimp your life. At times where you fall for that juicy hamburger or hot dog you're probably not thinking about your desire to change your body. Do you get motivated by people with the figure of your dreams? Print photos and stick them in your room or on the magnetic board in the kitchen. As a background on your desktop your computer will also certainly help. Searching for content that inspires you can be as important as eating healthy and working out. You might want to watch TV-shows like Temptation Island or The Villa. In those kind of shows you often see men and women get excited by a nice toned body. If the thought 'I want that too' is popping up while watching, then you should watch now and then to get focused on your goals. If necessary, make a photo collage of your own results with photos and a line graph on which you can see your weight loss. And if you are completely "in the mood" because of the music you hear in the gym or the heroic scenes in movies, why wouldn't you make sure you can listen to it whenever you want? Listening to it if you drive home from work get get you pumped wanting to work out. Do not place the shakes and pills that you have purchased to reach your goal in the cupboard, but on the counter. You can do it!

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