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How to Overcome Your Driving Anxiety

A lot of people are scared of driving due to major car accidents, but it is good to note that a car accident has nothing to do with vehophobia. If you are afraid of driving, we have gathered some basic steps that you can take to overcome your fear of driving;


Here are 5 steps you can take to overcome the fear of driving.


1. Have someone close to you when driving as a newbie

On the off chance that you discover that you are nervous while driving, you may not be nervous about the actual driving, but you may be nervous about driving while alone. For the first few weeks or months, once you have obtained your license, your fear of driving can be allayed by taking a short trip with someone else in the vehicle with you. It is not necessary that the person with you should be a licensed driver; he/she is just there to calm your nerves. Once you become an expert, you can embark on short trips alone, and as time passes by, you will have overcome your fears.


2. Car safety

Even before driving, you will have confidence when you know that your car is in good condition as possible. Try to carry out some basic checks, such as tyre pressure, and make sure the windscreen is clean inside and out.














3. Take a driving course

Being a new driver is one of the main reasons people are afraid to drive and also when they are not confident in their driving skills. This is a very good reason to attend a driving course.

When you enroll for a driving course, you learn different sorts of thing to become a good driver and as a student; you will be given more time to drive as this will enable you to acquire some driving experience while being assisted by a professional instructor sitting next to you. After completing your driving training, you will find that you are no longer the same timid as you once did, this due to the fact that you have been schooled on how to get prepared for every situation that can occur when you are on the roads.


4. Find ways to relax

Relaxation techniques, such as meditation or deep breathing, can be helpful. Before you start driving, take a few minutes to practice breathing or sit still, Headspace is also recommended. Concentrate on your present and keep in mind your driving activities as you travel. This is also important if you have flying fear.


5. Practice Daytime Driving at First

If you are new to driving and are nervous, or even if you are an experienced and nervous driver, it is wise to try not to drive at night if you can avoid it. There are a lot of things to worry about at night; this is because it is more difficult to see people, animals and other vehicles at night than during the day. As a beginner, the best thing is to adhere to driving during the day until you become an expert. Once you have overcome your fear of driving during the day, then you can begin to overcome your fear of driving at night.

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