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How to Support Hair Growth

We provide ten tips in this article. These tips will help prevent hair breakage. Sometimes, people treat only the scalp and do not take care of the extension of the hair. So, you do not notice the growth that your hair had.


10 Hair Growth Tips



1. Use aloe in your hair once a week!

To use the aloe just remove the gel from the aloe with the help of a spoon. Mix it with jaborandi oil; this oil is amazing for hair growth.

After mixing the two, apply to the scalp. Let it act for 30 or 40 minutes and then wash the hair normally.

The result of aloe hair is amazing. It is also used in hair growth tonics and shampoos.


2. Vegetable oils to stimulate hair growth!

If you want to have a big hair, you cannot miss some vegetable oils.


The oils that we indicate for this function are:


  • Coconut oil

  • Aloe Vera oil

  • Jaborandi oil.

  • Rosemary oil

  • Castor oil


You can do a hair moisturizer once a week with one of these oils. It is very important not to leave the care aside.

Moisturize by doing the scalp massage and do not neglect hydration as well as reconstruction.

Apply the oil, let it work for 1 hour and then wash normally after conditioning.


3. Use root tonic!

Make the hair tonic with hibiscus. It helps to accelerate blood microcirculation in the scalp and aids hair growth.

Use the other tonic such as, garlic, jaborandi or Aloe Vera in the composition for guaranteed result.

You can make the homemade tonic and it is very simple.


4. Healthy eating!

Another thing we can't help but talk about is healthy eating. Always, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

Since, without the water the effect will not be satisfactory. Therefore, water is very important especially if you take the hair vitamins.  It is the one that distributes the nutrients among the cells.

So drink lots of water! Take 35 ml for every pound you have.


5. Detox with black clay!

Use black clay detox once every 15 or 20 days. It fights excessive greasiness on the scalp as well as fights hair loss.


6. Embroidered cut!

The embroidered cut is a cut where you curl the strands of the hair. Cut only the split ends. It does not take the length of the hair. It is very good for those who want to let the hair grow.


When, the hairs breaks too much you cannot see the hair growth. So, doing this cut only removes the split ends and prevents the hair from breaking.

Therefore, it is important not to neglect and always make the embroidered cut once a month.


7. Pre-shampoo!

Pre-shampooing or applying vegetable oil to the hair ends before bathing is very important.

Even shampoo that does not have sulfate can end up drying the hair.

To avoid this problem, apply vegetable oil on the ends to protect and prevent the wires break. So, you can have a hair very quickly.


8. Co-wash!

Since, co-wash moisturizes the hair root a lot. Therefore, co-wash with your traditional shampoo is a really cool tip.

Look for co-wash products (vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 inside). Use products at the root of the hair that is where the hair grows.

Always moisturize your hair if you have excessive greasiness control and take good care of the scalp. So, the hair grows healthy.

​9. Hair peeling!

Don’t miss it if you want hair growth. Do it once a month using the coffee grounds.


Take the sludge and mix with one of the vegetable oils mentioned above. Apply to the scalp doing a finger massage in a circular motion.

It is important to put a little pressure on the coffee grounds to remove the crust. It forms between the strands, forming a layer of fat and skin that clogs the hair follicles. It prevents healthy growth, and causing it to fall more and more.


Since, it makes a lot of dirt, but the result is amazing. Therefore, the peeling with coffee should be done in the bathroom stall.

10. Rinse your hair in cold water!

Make the last rinse of the hair with water, seals the hair cuticles. It gives a lot of shine.

When the hair is sealed cuticles it does not lose hydration. With it, it becomes more hydrated, shinier and breaks less.

So, always wash your hair in warm water and rinse in cold water. This way, your hair will grow healthy and shiny.

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