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How to Fight Diabetes

Diabetes is a severe health condition which is known for its prevalence as millions of people have been found to be victim throughout the world. When it is left untreated, diabetes can give birth to other serious health condition such as blindness, kidney failure, and heart disease among others.

While certain contributing factors cannot be modified, some of which include genes, age, or previous behavior, however, the good news is that there are a number of helpful actions you can adopt in order to reduce the risk of diabetes. In this article, we list five things you can do which are essential in combating diabetes.

Here are five ways you can fight or prevent diabetes.


1. Reduce the consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates

The consumption of sugary foods and refined carbohydrates is a critical player in putting people at the risk of developing diabetes. The body catabolizes these foods into smaller sugar molecules which are then absorbed into your bloodstream.

The sequential increase in blood sugar stimulates the rate of production of insulin by the pancreas. Insulin is the hormone which helps in getting rid of sugar from the bloodstream and paves the way for them into the cells of your body.

Several studies which are conducted have shown the connection that exists between frequent consumption of sugar or refined carbohydrates and the risk of diabetes. In addition, one helpful way is substituting these high sugar-based foods with foods which exert less effect on blood sugar as they help in reducing the risk of diabetes.

2. Regular physical activities

Engaging in daily physical activity is one of the crucial ways to prevent the occurrence of diabetes. Exercise is helpful because it increases the cells sensitivity to insulin. As a result of this, during exercise, the fewer amount of insulin is required to keep the blood sugar level under control. There are different types of exercise which have been proven to reduce insulin resistance and blood sugar mostly in people that are obese; this exercise includes and not limited to aerobic exercises, high-intensity interval training and strength training among others.

It is therefore advisable to select the type of exercise you enjoy, can engage on a regular basis and feel comfortable so that you can adhere to it for an extended period. You will also lose weight fast which might be another reason for you to start with physical activities.

3. Reduce stress

Stressed can affect the rate at which you exercise, drink, and disturb you from watching over your diabetes. Some other adverse effects of stress are; it can increase your blood sugar and also it can reduce your sensitivity to insulin. At the moment when you are stressed, your body introduces a “fight or flight response. This is an indication that the body will produce sufficient sugar and fat which are needed for energy.

In the event that you are bothered about an issue, quickly initiate changes which can help you to relax. Some of those things you can do include engaging in physical activities, spending time with families and friends, meditation, or substituting negative thoughts with positive ones. In addition to this, you can also join support groups, counseling or therapy as they have been found to be helpful. You can also read our article about fighting stress and anxiety.


4. Stop smoking

Putting an end to smoking will allow your body to have better control of your blood sugar levels. On the off chance that you smoke, there is a high chance of developing other serious health problems also, a higher chance of complications from diabetes. Some of the negative consequences of smoking are listed below:

  • Heart and kidney disease

  • Poor blood circulation in the legs and feet, which can result in infections, ulcers, and amputation of the toes or feet

  • Retinopathy, an eye disease that causes blindness

  • Peripheral neuropathy, this is the damage of the nerves which are found in the arms and legs, it can cause weakness, drowsiness, pain and poor coordination.


Stop smoking has more benefits. It will make you perform better in bed and improves the level of HDL cholesterol.


5. Reduce alcohol consumption

If you are taking medications for insulin or diabetes, such as sulfonylureas or meglitinides, alcohol consumption can cause a drop in blood sugar to a dangerous level. When you drink, your liver must work to remove alcohol from your blood rather than performing its regular duty which is regulation of blood sugar.

International recommendation of alcohol intake is a drink for a woman per day while two drinks for men. In a single drink of alcohol, you find 12 ounces of beer, 5-ounces glass of wine, or an ounce and a half of liquor such as vodka. If you cut your consumption, you can eat better. Alcohol can reduce your desire to resist overeating.

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