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Getting Confidence to attract Women

A fact well known to each and every one of us is that women are a massive fan of confidence. The pressing issue that should be the main focus is on how to develop confidence. Though it is not an easy assignment; but what if someone let you know that confidence is just a series of behaviors? You can build confidence by easily adopting these behaviors consistently as time goes on. In the event that you are interested kindly follow this article so that you can have in-depth knowledge on how to attract women by building confidence.


5 ways to get confidence to attract women

1. Confidence is learned

A few numbers of men are born with full confidence. However, those that are not naturally endowed can learn it. Consider the phrase "it's like riding a bicycle." That is simply confidence. The moment you learn it, it becomes difficult to reverse. Not minding how lengthy you have neglected to put it into practice, it can come back to you in a moment.


2. Confidence can be faked

There is a phrase which goes thus: “fakes it until you make it.” It's not just a theory. It is a firmly grounded science. This is how it works; you just pretend you are something and eventually you will become what you claim to be. Pretend as if you know how to attract women, you will probably achieve it. It is even better to argue that pretending to be confident is part of a process of confidence learning. Pretend you are a bit confident and people start seeing you as confident. This is what we call a righteous circle and you will love how it works in your life.










3. Your Winning Smile

Something as simple as a good smile can give birth to being confident. Below are the tips for developing one:

  • Position yourself in front of the mirror and remember something funny.

  • Start laughing. In the beginning, you can decide to fake it, try not to sweat. It works equally well in both cases.

  • Allow the laughter to disappear into an exaggerated smile.

  • Examine the corners of your eyes. Are they wrinkled up? Are these angles to your cheeks raised? If not, do it.

  • Let your exaggerated smile fit into something more natural

  • Hold it. Shut your eyes and try to "remember" what it looks like.

  • Before entering a room at a party, bar or club, remember the smile you created.

It works because the smile communicates confidence, friendship, and ease. Get your way into a room with a smile and people will notice it.


4. Posture is your best friend

One other thing that easily reflects confidence is good posture. Postures are developed in the same way: bring a mirror and stay in front of it, maintain a straight posture as you can while your shoulders are kept straight, relaxed, shut your eyes and keep a memory of the scene. Whenever you noticed that you are slouching, try to keep that memory alive. This is another meaningful and easy way to feel and look more confident at the same time. It also helps to prevent getting back pain.


5. Destroying Anxiety Approach

The first two were simple enough. At this stage, things become a little bit harder. Approaching what exactly you want is one of those ways to look confident. Putting this into practice means going straight to the women you want to talk to as soon as you see them. The fact is that they too noticed you are noticing them. So don’t waste much time, approach them immediately. It will make you get used to approaching them, and in addition to this, it will make you look more confident, which is precisely how to attract women. Early, instead of late, you will be less concerned about approaching women. Reading this article about how to lose social anxiety and shyness will help you further.

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