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7 Heart Disease Prevention Tips

As the world's leading cause of death ranking, heart disease is currently the main health issues. There are many common problems affecting the cardiovascular system. The most common are acute myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, aortic aneurysm, and coronary artery disease.


There are several factors that contribute to the onset of these pathologies. The atherosclerosis is the accumulation of fat plaques in the arteries. The aging itself causes the loss of elasticity of the vascular system. The bad habits are increasingly common problem in our hectic routines.


Given the breadth of the causes, here are 7 effective heart disease prevention tips. They are about how to prevent dreaded cardiovascular disease by changing your habits.



Our 7 Heart Disease Prevention Tips


1. Reduce your intake of high-salt, fatty foods

Fat-rich foods contribute to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Most fat-rich foods contribute to the coronary artery disease.


Excess salt, on the other hand, can cause blood pressure to rise. It requires more force from the heart to perform beats and circulate blood throughout the body. For this reason, it is very important to control the diet.


So invest in a healthy, balanced diet. It includes fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals and lean meats. Give preference to natural and unprocessed foods. This will make your body nourished and less likely to develop cardiovascular disease.


2. Take care of your weight

Obesity is one of the biggest villains when it comes to heart and vascular disease. This is mainly due to the association between this condition and other diseases.


In order to avoid overweight, take care of the daily diet. It is necessary to practice daily activities for at least 30 minutes in a row. The frequency should depend on: whether you need to lose weight or just control it. The sports should be made carefully, taking into account your current health status.


In addition, aerobic exercises also strengthen the heart system and prevent these diseases.


3. Don't overdo it on alcohol

Unsurprisingly, alcohol causes liver problems. However, it is also very harmful to the rest of the body, including the heart.


Excessive consumption of this drink can cause a heart attack and even trigger heart failure.


This is because ethanol damages the muscle cells of this organ. This condition is alcoholic cardiomyopathy.


In addition, this substance is also associated with artery closure and the development of arrhythmia. Therefore, it is important to avoid the consumption of any kind of alcohol as much as possible.


4. Avoid smoking

Did you know that smokers are at higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease? Chemicals in tobacco, such as nicotine, cause narrowing of the arteries. it increases heart rate and blood pressure.


In addition, carbon dioxide from cigarette smoke competes with oxygen. It causes the body and heart to work harder to oxygenate the body. All this favors the occurrence of a heart attack.


However, good news is: a year without smoking is enough to reduce these risks. So, if you have a smoking habit, you still have time to change it.


5. See a doctor

Medical follow-up annually is critical to preventing heart disease. Thus, the doctor will order routine tests to check mainly your glucose levels. It indicates the presence of diabetes - and blood cholesterol.


After performing the exams, the professional will make an evaluation of the results. So, the doctor may suggest the changes in diet and lifestyle to improve health.


So, to preserve your health, you can adopt the heart disease prevention treatments on time!


6. Avoid excessive stress

Stress causes numerous changes in our body because of too much nervous system activities. The excessive stress has become increasingly frequent and is a major risk factor for many diseases.


Stress contributes to causing cardiovascular disease not only directly. Since, one seeks to smoke and drink to relieve this tension. Therefore, it may, for example, be responsible for smoking or alcoholism.


Another example of a bad habit related to excessive stress is getting more weight. Because of nervousness, many tend to run out of food and look for fatter, less healthy foods.


Therefore, seeking ways to relieve stress is a necessary precaution to ensure the health of your heart.


7. Control your blood pressure

Blood pressure control is indispensable for managing and assessing the state of your health.


It is not enough to check your blood pressure only on routine tests. We need to control it more often and increase it as we get older.


This care is even more necessary when you have heart problems.


Since, diagnosing hypertension as soon as possible is important for identifying other related problems. So, don't go for months without doing this kind of assessment. Control it before it harms your well-being.



If you want to learn more on how to prevent a heart disease, then this book might interest you. The makers of it are saying it describes methods also used by Bill Clinton and Dr.Oz has been hailing.